Distance Education

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In remote places around Australia, students have been learning by distance since ‘School of the Air’ commenced in Alice Springs on 8th June 1951.

In fact, the term ‘distance education’ heralds from this era and suggests that students reside some distance from the school. However, this is rarely the case today with most students living in metro locations.

Distance education delivers the same education as a regular school, except it is delivered digitally to students at home. Students interact with teachers, chat with other students, watch lessons and complete exams online.

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Day in the life of a Secondary Student

  • Regular School

  • Distance Education

  • Home School

  • Do I have to register with the government as a homeschooler?

  • Do I have visits from government moderators?

  • Do I have to create or buy a learning program that meets the Australian Curriculum Standards?

  • Is my child taught by qualified teachers through a registered school?

  • Do I have to keep records of lessons, learning progress, time allocations and assessments?

  • Am I part of a registered school?

Four Australian Christian Colleges are registered to deliver school fully online. Collectively, they are Australia’s largest non-government distance education provider. They provide an online education to students living in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania with appropriate matriculation options upon graduation.

Different states impose different eligibility requirements for online enrolments, and so it’s important to check your child’s eligibility with the distance education providers in your state.

You can learn more about our distance education providers from the respective websites:

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